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Tax Advice

Being able to smoothly navigate and properly interpret the extensive and ever-changing body of tax legislation is central to the perfect organizational planning of companies.

We rely on a specialized team that is apt to identify opportunities to reduce tax burden and suggest efficient solutions in terms of tax reorganization and tax recovery schemes. Our practice also involves suggesting administrative and/or judicial measures that fit each client’s strategic plan, spotting any tax contingencies that may arise from any procedures that deviate from applicable laws, and recommending the right solutions for each case.

Our tax advice includes constantly reviewing our clients’ routines and procedures and helping them be fully compliant with all ancillary tax obligations, particularly by preparing, reviewing and rectifying tax returns and statements.


Tax Litigation

The intricacies of the laws and the well-known fact that tax authorities constantly act in violation of the law and our Constitution require us to constantly pursue tax solutions and opportunities in business management. In this scenario, seeking recovery of unduly paid taxes and defending against illegal tax requirements are of utmost importance.

We count on a highly technical team that specializes in all aspects of tax affairs. Our team will work closely with clients to fully understand their overall business and operations and come up with the most tax-efficient solution. We defend our clients’ interest both in court and at the administrative level, resolving highly complex tax disputes at federal, state and local levels, throughout Brazil. We help clients manage their company’s liabilities arising from tax disputes as well as their entire tax scenario. We also assist in making our clients compliant with tax authorities’ requirements.


Social security

We constantly analyze opportunities and keep abreast of the changes in tax laws, and this is what enables us to provide optimized resources and solutions in social security matters.

We provide legal assistance in social security and labor matters, seeking solutions directly or through our partners. Our ultimate purpose is to defend our clients’ interests by providing highly sophisticated legal services that fulfill their needs.

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