Our essence, accomplishments and key partners for the past two decades.

A central role in every excellence development process, a company's trajectory speaks about the choices that drive it and allow it to gather a set of competencies that make it unique.

  • 2001The beginning…

    Many years of experience in transactional and litigation practice have helped us shape our law practice to provide the most suitable legal services to companies, by adopting a hands-on approach to Tax Law that is tailored to the needs of company’s operations.
  • 2001-10The first decade

    The first ten years showed us that we were on the right track. We strengthened our relationships with existing clients and expanded our client portfolio. New clients brought to us unprecedented demands that required us to and expand and improve our organizational and technical framework.
  • 2011Consolidating our presence

    2011 is a landmark year in our practice. It was in 2011 when we attracted a large volume of tax demands, both contentious and non-contentious.
  • 2014LFPKC: the essence

    LFP, KASSOW and Carmagnani merge together into LFPKC, combining services and knowledge to help its more than 300 Brazilian and multinational clients rise to all challenges they are faced with.
  • 2016 Digital Business

    LFPKC expands its portfolio of legal services to cover digital law, startups and data privacy.
  • 2020Expansion in Brazil and Abroad

    LFPKC becomes a cohesive unified practice and starts serving over 600 Brazilian and multinational clients of great significance to Brazil, from south to north.
  • 2021Constant update

    LFPKC expands its portfolio of legal services and adds Social Security Law and Labor Compliance.