The Firm

The firm was established in 2001 and currently counts on 6 partners and a team of 30 professionals. 

Our philosophy goes in line with current business dynamics, where corporations are more global and demanding. 


Advancement of ideals, organizational change and growth have always been present in LFP Advogados e Consultores, as shown by its increasing share of the tax law market. 

As the demand for legal advice and litigation services related to Taxation increase, LPF Advogados e Consultores specialization in this practice area has enabled the optimization of the financial tax result of the clients. 

Operacional Merger

Competence, expertise, accountability and efficiency are fundamental requirements for the quality of the services provided in any practice area.

In addition to these essential attributes, the merger of Lauletta • Favero • Panebianco - Advogados e Consultores (LFP) & Carmagnani Advogados & Kassow/Ribeiro Braga Advogados offers to our clients and the market the combined professional expertise of their teams and the recognized quality and integrity which have always been the profile of the three law firms in their respective practice areas.

The legal service provision and consulting market in the corporate universe has changed deeply over the past years. This trend, driven by clients, demands law firms with a broader range of specialized legal services that is able to convert the preventive practice into significant added values in addition to fostering successful long-lasting businesses. 

Aware of this new reality and attentive to the need of their portfolios of clients, LFP Advogados e Consultores & Carmagnani Advogados & Kassow/Ribeiro Braga Advogados, after a period of technical preparation and extensive exchanges of ideas, are proud to announce their operational merger.

In-depth legal and tax knowledge, in addition to a modern corporate vision are combined in a fruitful exchange of experiences, with the objective of enhancing our operations and offering the highest standards in technical competence and a successful professional curriculum to the market. Counting on this organization, the three law firms will work together, providing advice, tax and consulting, intellectual property and litigation services in the tax, corporate, civil, commercial law and intellectual property areas, while maintaining the same professional attitude and commitment already present in their individual practices.


We believe a country’s progress depends on developing people and fostering private initiative.

Aware of our social accountability and the importance of the environment, we increasingly integrate the individual and collective engagement with the community in our strategies, supporting and taking part in with projects that respect diversity and bring balance to political, cultural and economic relations.

We are committed to raising eco-friendly social awareness by promoting sustainable values with our professionals at work and throughout our community.